Direct Vision Standard Cyclist Warning Light


Commercial Vehicle Cyclist Warning LED

HGV Truck Cyclist Warning Safety LED Highly visible LED flashing sign with audible bleeps to warn cyclists when the vehicle is about to turn. Buy Now RRP £250 (Plus carriage & VAT) SPECIAL PRICE !…

MOT Approved Decelerometer


MOT Decelerometer Brake Tester BrakeCheck

BrakeCheck is used by MOT stations as back up to the RBT, Every station should have a back up to the RBT or use a decelerometer for non compliant vehicles to test on a RBT.…

HGV Accident Prevention Braking System


Off Road Plant Auto Braking System CV Stop

CV Stop 4 Plant automatically applies the brakes when an object such as a person or obstacle is in close proximity to the rear of the vehicle. This is achieved by measuring the phase shift,…

Truck Sender Fuel Theft

HGV Sender Units Are Now Prime For Thieves TO STEAL DIESEL !

A recent Twitter post showed how ruthless the FUEL THEVIES are to get to a trucks fuel. But for the small cost of less than £50 the Truck Tank Sender can be protected

HGV custom printed plastic seals

Commercial Vehicle Security Seals

aide automotive have introduced the plastic security seals to the Commercial Vehicle Product range. But! Not just any service here…… aide automotive can offer CUSTOM printed plastic seals with quick or you may say reasonable…

MOT Decelerometer Calibration

MOT BIG NEWS!! Decelerometer calibration 12 monthly

MOT BIG NEWS!! Decelerometer calibration and the calibration of roller brake testers (RBT), plate brake testers (PBT) and headlamp aim testers are now 12 Monthly!! DVSA confirms changes to MOT calibration requirements From April, all…

aide automotive offers a range of automotive products for all vehicles.
Ranging from On Board Driver Incident Camera’s to 12 Or 24 volt Midtronics Battery Testers, Trailer Diagnostics and Brake Testers
Supplying products such as Mis Fuelling and Crash For Cash road incidents. Our products appeal to various sectors of the Commercial Vehicle sector, MOT Garage Scheme, Car and Light Commercial fleets.
Fuel Theft is easily solved with our anti syphon devices suitable for the majority of vehicles. Now the new “Crash For Cash” scam we offer On Board Incident Camera’s or Driver Recorders for On Road Video footage of road incidents. Seeing is believing with Black Vue or MI Witness.

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Vehicle Products To Improve Efficiency, Stop Theft & Keep Vehicles On The Road - Anti Siphon - Truck Fifth Wheel Lube Liners - Susie Air Line Lock - ISOCheck - Anti Wheel Theft Nuts
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Commercial Vehicle Workshop Products

Commercial Vehcile Workshop Products For An Efficient & Effective Repair Garage - Bowmonk Decelerometer - Trailer Diagnostics - Tapley - Midtronics - ISOCheck - Roller Brake Testing
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